Blue-and-White Vase with Pine Bamboo and Plum Tree Design, Vietnamese, 15th Century; h. 28.5cm. Gift of SUMITOMO Group, the ATAKA Collection. Acc. No. 40687. The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka © 2009 The Museum of Oriental Ceramics,Osaka

Vietnamese blue-and-white ware was influenced by Chinese blue-and-white ware; however, many points regarding its origins remain unclear. The form and design of this jar can be seen in similar pieces from China's Yuan dynasty, indicating that this is a relatively early example of Vietnamese blue-and-white ware, probably from around the 15th century. There are heath-rose shaped frames on four places on the body, in which we see carefully painted designs of pine, bamboo, plum, and a flowering plant. The character of the clay body and base of the bottle are different from Chinese blue-and-white ware. There are similar bottles in existence, but this is an outstanding example.